The Future is Here

Hello, and welcome to our first blog post! If you are reading this that means you are lucky enough to know about a little company named giftUP! Yay for you! Whether you are friends or family being forced to read this post or just found us on your own, we are glad you are here as we relaunch our new website.

Looking at the past, gift giving has always been a part of the human culture. Everything from jewelry, to apple pies, and even entire countries have been given as a gift at some point in history. Enough about the past, though, I am here to talk about the future of gift giving! What is the future of this long-standing tradition? The internet has changed how we shop, but has gift giving also adapted? Our goal at giftUP is to provide our clients with the future of gifting. However, since giving and receiving a gift is not a solo endeavor, but rather a social event, we have decided to create this blog in order to interact with you on a frequent basis.

We hope you continue to follow us so that we can learn from each other. Keep reading to discover the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly, stories we all have about past experiences. Keep up with the latest trends, hear inspiring stories from small business with unique products, and learn why the giftSQUAD was created. Please join us on this crazy adventure of building a business.