Meet the giftUP Leadership Team!

To make the giftSQUAD a reality and provide you with the absolute best gifts stress-free, the giftUP leadership team has been hard at work. Meet these awesome people below! 

Shane Geiser

Likes: Beach Vacations, Basketball, Soccer, Country Music, the movie "Remember the Titans", Grilling

Dislikes: Winter, Alarm Clocks, Traffic

Best Gift Ever Given: A photo book of images my siblings and I have collected over the years. This gift was given to my Mom for Mother’s Day

Worst Gift Ever Given: Season one of “The Hills” DVD collection given to my older sister, who promptly returned it. The look on her face was a pivotal moment towards the creation of giftUP.

Favorite giftSQUAD suggestion: I love the giftSQUAD’s philanthropy based options. My favorite is “Bow Tie Cause” which provides uniquely designed bow ties supporting various causes. The giftSQUAD provided me with the Alzheimer’s Foundation bow tie as a departing gift for my brother heading to Cambridge to study Alzheimer’s disease.

Matt Reinhold

Likes: There are only a few things in life I need and those are the life sports (golf, skiing, and tennis). Don’t think of me as a high-class individual though. I fight for time on the public courts, hack it up at the local municipal course, and sleep in my car at the base of the mountain.

Dislikes: Cereal- I absolutely do not believe that Tiger Woods ate Wheaties every morning. Reality TV- I just don’t get the point.

Best Gift Ever Received: Red Ryder BB gun. I became a responsible adult at the age of seven.

Worst Gift Ever Received: Home Depot gift card- Don’t get me wrong, I am an above average DIY’er, but all that card said to me was they didn’t want to invest the time to find me a gift.

Favorite giftSQUAD suggestion: Freedom- That is what you get when you buy a pair of Mugsy Jeans. Based out of Chicago, IL, this jean gives a man 100% freedom in his lower half.

Check them out! 

Courtney Reinhold

Likes: Baking Cookies- no big dinner is complete without fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  I also enjoy reading fiction novels and hiking to waterfalls.

Dislikes: Birds- I was “attacked” by a swarm of seagulls wanting my crackers on the beach and am now terrified of all birds.   Celery- It really ruins all soups, even peanut butter can’t make it better.

Best Gift Ever Received:  A pair of new ski boots, so I can start to keep up with Matt and his life sports.

Worst Gift Ever Received: An old worn sweater that smelled of cigarette smoke.

Favorite giftSQUAD suggestion: Subscription services are all the rage right now and the giftSQUAD has several good ones. However, one of my favorites is “Date Night In

This service provides you with everything you need for a pre-planned date night every month! You give them details about where you live and they book restaurant reservations, plan fun hikes, or provide you with unique dinner recipes for two! With this gift, you and your spouse have date night taken care of every month.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the giftUP leadership team! Don’t forget we love to learn about our customers as well. When filling out your gift recipient questionnaire, remember to provide as much information as you can. No detail is too silly or too small. Those personalized details help the giftSQUAD tailor your suggestion even more! Lastly, remember to rate all of your suggestions so the giftSQUAD can learn what your favorite (and least favorite) gift suggestions were!