To Infinity and Beyond

This holiday season it’s time to join Buzz Lightyear at the edges of the universe, and giftUP can help get you there! Well, not technically the edge of the universe, we aren’t NASA, but what we can give you is an infinite amount of gift suggestions!

GU Graph 1 .png

On average, each person buys ~15 gifts every holiday season (up from ~12 in 2013), and that’s not even including the Santa’s of the world (sorry parents your number is a little higher). Therefore, if you spend an hour picking out the perfect gift for each person on your list, that’s 15 hours of shopping each holiday season.  Then, suppose you have been doing this for 15 years. That’s 225 hours you have spent shopping just during the holiday season! That’s a lot of hours!  Not to mention dealing with the packed parking lots, pushy customers, long lines and unenthusiastic retail workers

GU Graph 2 .png

Yes, you do have another option which is the overwhelming black hole of the internet. Look at the graph to your left Every generation spends ~50% or more of their budget online!

However, with giftUP’s new infinity plan we can limit your holiday shopping to one hour or less. With the infinity plan, you pay a subscription fee of $19.99 and giftUP will provide you with an unlimited amount of gift giving suggestions. You can make a profile for everyone from your niece/nephew to your grandma/grandpa. No need to spend hours shopping, the giftSQUAD will find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Now, let’s think about what you can do with all your extra holiday time; win a gingerbread house contest, learn to perform an axel jump on the ice rink, perform as Scrooge at your local theaters production of “The Christmas Carol” and maybe just maybe figure out how to get to infinity and beyond.