Time to Meet the Parents

Every family has a different dynamic and, therefore, a different gifting expectation when it comes to the holidays. These expectations are so ingrained in our upbringing that we don’t even notice them, or question their existence until thrown into foreign territory.  For example, my family is a big fan of directly asking for what we want Santa to bring, whereas on my husband’s side you NEVER directly ask someone what they want. The element of surprise is a big part of their Christmas morning. Also, I’ve never exchanged presents with cousins or extended family, but when arriving at my husband’s Christmas for the first time, I was showered with gifts from aunts, uncles, and cousins, and felt awful that I had nothing to give in return! 

As a newlywed, I have begun to learn that holiday gift-giving traditions are something that must be carefully studied (on both sides) if you want your relationship to make it through the holiday season in one piece.

If this is your first holiday with a significant other, or your 50th, giftUP is here to help! Check out our gift suggestions below for the perfect gift idea (all under $100) that will help get you through any sticky situation.

The Brother-in-law - Jerky Piñata



According to Man Crates “Men of all ages and temperaments find piñata pulverization irresistible.” And I would have to agree! This Jerky Piñata gift is sure to be a smashing hit with any bro!


The Sister-in-law - Chic Buds Phone Charging Purse


Who wouldn’t want a purse that also serves as a phone charger? As Chic Buds put it, “Crossbody Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power!”



Grandparents- New York Times Custom Puzzle


Provide the grandparents with an activity they are sure to love! You can customize this puzzle to display a cover from the New York Times from any day in history. Pick the day their team won a championship, a birthday, or even a wedding anniversary. The New York times Custom Puzzle is  a great way to remember the past while having fun in the present.


The Hostess- Farmgirl Flowers Bouquet




Farmgirl Flowers is based in San Francisco but delivers nationally. Each item is handmade and is breathtakingly beautiful! Their flowers are also ethically grown and honestly transported.



Mother-In-Law- Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner




Function of Beauty is an emerging company which is revolutionizing the future of hair care! Your Mother-in-law can personalize her own bottle of shampoo and conditioner to perfectly match her hair care needs! She even gets to pick the name, coloring, and fragrance of her product!



Father-In-Law- Monogram Steak Board and Branding Iron



With this trendy, but practical, gift “backyard chefs who take pride in their grilling can sear their own initials into steaks and chops with an iron brand.”  The Monogram Steak Board and Branding Iron is sure to be appreciated! 



The Cousins- Game Of Phones 



As UncommonGoods states, “Game of Phones turns your trusty cellular companion into the subject of a scavenger hunt between you and your friends. Just gather your friends and see who can use their phones the fastest to create an emoji masterpiece, show off the last photo you took, or find the weirdest Google Image result for your name.” Purchase today to let the Game Of Phones begin! 





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