It's A Love Story

It’s Valentine’s Day folks and as you know LOVE is in the air!

So of course, I couldn’t let you go through your day without a sappy, romantic, Disney-like love story!

Do you remember Katie and Jeff Wilson from our Cincinnati Refined article, The Local Startup That'll Turn You Into A Gift-Giving Master

Well, their love story is pretty incredible and we thought it needed to be shouted from a mountain top! Or at the very least, posted on the internet.  :)


Fortunately, giftUP had the opportunity to sit down with Katie and hear all the mushy details!


GU: When/how did you first meet and how did you know Jeff was right for you?

There was just an instant attraction and ease of playfulness between us.

KW: We first met at Miami University. My roommates and I went over to his fraternity, where I ended up playing a card game that Jeff was also playing. I honestly didn’t think this could happen in real life, but from the minute I saw him I felt something. I turned to my twin sister who was with me at the time, and said “I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going to date him.” This happened before I really even knew him. The reason I knew he was perfect for me is because I messed with him so much during the game, and he gave it right back to me. I loved it. There was just an instant attraction and ease of playfulness between us.


GU: How did the proposal happen?

KW: Jeff proposed by taking me back to Miami, where it all started. There is something known as Miami Mergers, because a lot of people get married after meeting at Miami. And there is a place there called Upham Arch. It’s believed that if you kiss under the arch at midnight, that you’ll get married! Well, one night in college Jeff told me he wanted to take me somewhere. He didn’t tell me where, but we ended up at Upham Arch where he kissed me at midnight. For the proposal, he set up a scenario where I thought we were walking his sister and her husband around campus, and of course we had to show them Upham Arch. Well, when we got there he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! I said yes before he could even finish asking.



GU: What are three memorable experiences you have been through together?

KW: Three memorable experiences throughout our eight years together so far would be….

Moving across the country for each other. He moved to LA for a job after college, so I moved to San Francisco just to be on the same time zone as him. We ended up doing four and a half years of distance. It was tough to be apart so much but we made it through! Both of us moving back home was quite the experience as well! We road tripped across the country and got to see a ton of amazing places.

My second memorable experience would be having a baby this past year! Her name is Harper and she is the coolest, sweetest little girl. She’s two months old now. We are very blessed!

My third memorable experience would be the wedding. It was the perfect day, and obviously was one of the best because I got to marry my best friend! The honeymoon in Hawaii was awesome too! We saw the most beautiful places. For example, we hiked the Napali coast, and take a boat tour of it, went zip lining, had the best local food, saw whales and dolphins up close, and went snorkeling in the middle of the ocean!


GU: What is the worst gift either of you has given the other?

 KW: The worst gift I’ve given Jeff was a sweater that was the wrong size. It looked like it was meant for a kid. We had a really good laugh from that gift when he tried it on though!


GU: Lastly, we know you’re avid giftUP fans. What did giftUP help you find for Jeff this Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day I gave him a smoked bourbon spice kit. He absolutely loved it!

 KW: For Valentine’s Day I gave him a smoked bourbon spice kit. He absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t have been able to find something like that without giftUp. The gifts I find for people are so unique and personalized now! And I actually remembered to get a gift for Valentine’s Day this year instead of picking up a card at the last minute.


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