Adventure Awaits

Daylight Savings has come and gone and if you’re a science enthusiast like me, you know that the Vernal Equinox has also done its thing! Now, if you’re still not sure where I’m going with this, SPRING IS HERE!

That means it is time to get your booty to the great OUTDOORS!

The snow is thawing, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and here at giftUP, we have a collection of hot and trendy outdoor gear that we are just dying to get our hands on!

Perfect for anyone that has a spring birthday or just because you know… It’s Spring!

For the one who likes to relax 


Photo courtesy of WindPouch

WindPouch- WindPouch allows you to channel your adventurous spirit by giving you the opportunity to relax literally anywhere! All you need to set it up is, well… the wind!

For the one who likes to enjoy a beer or two

Bottle Keeper 

Photo courtesy of Bottle Keeper 

Bottle Keeper- When science and a love for alcohol mix, great inventions arise! Introducing the Bottle Keeper! Scientifically designed to keep your bottled beer cold and disguised throughout a whole day of adventuring!

For the one who is going green 


Photo courtesy of @cotopaxi

Cotopaxi – Cotopaxi makes their incredible gear from recycled leftover fabric and insulate their jackets with llama fiber as part of their belief that product design can make a positive impact on the world. But that’s not all, they also make grants to nonprofit organizations and host a Questival, a 24–hour race which challenges the adventurer in all of us!

For the one who loves s'mores 

Radiate Portable Campfire 

Photo courtesy of Radiate Portable Campfire 

Radiate Portable Campfire – Featured on “Shark Tank”,  the Radiate Portable Campfire has everything you need for a night of Kumbaya and s’mores. This product eliminates the hassle of obtaining the wood, lighter fluid, fire pit, ect... What a wonderful way to end a spring day in the great outdoors!

Please, comment below and let us know what your favorite outdoor gear is!