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Many of you are probably unaware of the active ski season my husband and I have enjoyed. Living in San Francisco granted us easy access to Lake Tahoe, but we were also lucky enough to visit Whistler, Park City, and Colorado!

Enjoying South Lake Tahoe Heavenly Mountain Resort

Enjoying South Lake Tahoe Heavenly Mountain Resort

One day in Colorado, I decided to take a break from skiing, but not from giftUP! I am always on the hunt for the next AMAZING product, and boy, did I find it!

That day of shopping in Breckenridge at Marigolds Farm House Funk and Junk lead to my discovery of the Radiate Portable Campfire, which I briefly mentioned in myAdventure Awaits post a few weeks back.

However, there is sooo much more to tell about this new and exciting company! giftUP was even lucky enough to talk with one of the co-founders of Radiate, Bryan Cantrell. 

For those of you who don’t know, Radiate has only been producing their campfires for two months! However, they have already gained enough traction to make a deal with a Shark on Shark Tank, be featured on The View, and be named the best outdoor gear of 2018. The portable campfire is “… designed to be sleek and portable, non-toxic and reliable, with 3-5 hours of burn time, it will make every outdoor experience first-class.”

Photo courtesy of   @radiatecampfire

Photo courtesy of @radiatecampfire

However, don't just listen to me. Learn more from Bryan himself!

GU:  What ignited the spark for you to start a new business venture? Did the idea for a portable campfire come first, or the desire to start a company?

BC: Actually, my friend Brent and I are partners in a beauty company called Fleur De Spa We make several types of waxing products and we got tired of discarding wax overages, tests, and mistakes.  We wanted to find a use for this wax and started messing around with it and using egg cartons as giant wicks.  Brent's an outdoors guy, I'm a beach guy and campfires are a fun part of life.  This seemed like a great solution for a portable, clean, and less hazardous campfire.

GU: At what point did you decide Shark Tank should be the next move and what was the experience like? 

BC: We did a kick starter as a proof of concept and Shark Tank found us from that.  We were not ready at that point to start a company, but we dropped everything and worked very hard to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity Shark Tank was offering.  The Shark Tank experience was amazing and still is.  It pushed us to make decisions and execute ideas faster than we have ever done before.  I will never forget the excitement of being on that show.

Photo courtesy of   @radiatecampfire

Photo courtesy of @radiatecampfire

GU: Please shed some light on the challenges Radiate faces when it comes to acquiring new customers, especially from an eCommerce perspective.

BC: I think our biggest challenge is either using social media to drive customers to the site or using ads via Facebook, Google or Amazon.  We have only been selling the product for 2 months so we are still trying to figure it out.  The Shark Tank airing was huge of course, but a few weeks later Robert (Our partner Shark) took us on The View with him and that was a giant boost as well.  Post those two airings we are experimenting with many different solutions but it is difficult to find the best match for Radiate.

GU: Every good business owner needs a good support system. What keeps you driving forward when times are tough?

BC: I'm blessed to have great partners and family that understand what it takes to make a company successful.  Best of all, Radiate is an exciting product and everyone around us wants to help out.  We have definitely had many challenges and issues to solve but we keep innovating and working through them!

Now, I don’t know about you, but Radiate surely has the support of giftUP and we can’t wait to use our portable campfire in Yosemite this spring!

Comment below with where you plan to take this new and exciting product. 

Or tag someone who you think would love to receive a portable campfire as a gift!