The Jeans Every Man Has Been Looking For

Nothing is better than walking down the street and thinking, “Damn, I look good today!” but, as the day goes on, you often start to realize your outfit may not be as great as you thought because it’s super UNCOMFORTABLE!

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Living in San Francisco requires a lot of walking and these giant hills do not make it any easier. Being uncomfortable is not an option. That is why the giftUP cofounder, Matt Reinhold, was so excited to discover Mugsy Jeans! They have been a fashion “game-changer” as he would say!

Ladies have had the benefit of “jeggings” for several years now, and finally men have a similar option! Mugsy Jeans offers men’s jeans that are made from “soft, breathable, and super flexible denim!”

As you can tell from their bomb reviews, many men have finally found the room and comfort they have been searching for! Making them a perfect Father’s Day gift option! 

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Now to the good stuff!

giftUP had the pleasure of meeting with the founder of Mugsy Jeans, Leo, at their super chic Mugsy-Lounge in Chicago. We learned that like the giftUP founders, he attended Miami University. We also learned that finding the perfect design took a lot of trial and error.  

Keep reading to learn more about what Leo has to say about starting his own business!

GU: Where did the name for Mugsy Jeans originate?

LT: I was home visiting my parents for the holidays right around when I set out to start a jeans company and I heard my Dad calling my Mom ‘Mugsy’. I immediately was like, “What was that?” and he told me it’s his nickname for her when she’s being goofy. I loved the name and its meaning, and we’ve been Mugsy ever since!

GU: Can you shed some light on the challenges Mugsy Jeans faces when it comes to acquiring new customers? This is one of the challenges giftUP faces.

LT: I started Mugsy because I wanted to solve the problem of having to sacrifice comfort or style when it came to my clothes—it was always a 'one or the other' option. So for me, this is all about solving that problem for guys. One of the bigger challenges from the new customer acquisition process comes from not knowing enough about our customers—e.g. What're the biggest problems they experience when it comes to their clothes and style? What are their interests? Why did they choose Mugsy?? There are more and more ways to get better data on your customers with the tech available nowadays but it's still hard to get the less quantitative stuff. We focus on our customer interactions a lot for that reason.

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GU: What has been one of your biggest accomplishments as a business so far? / Have you had that "I've made it!" moment?

LT: There've been a million 'I've totally failed' moments compared to just a few dozen 'We did something right!!' moments haha. That's the name of the game when you start your own company, but all you can do is keep chasing those wins because they always outweigh the losses. The biggest 'aha' moment came when we launched our super flexible Mugsy denim. Sales immediately took off and it's been a wild ride ever since.”

GU: If you had one piece of advice for someone beginning the journey of starting a business what would it be?

LT: Your product or service has to be highly differentiated and solve a big problem. Don't launch until you accomplish both those things. You'll know the time is right when people are really trying to pay you for your product instead of you trying to convince people to buy your product. It'll take time, just keep moving and you'll get there”

GU:  How do you turn your mind off and relax? What are some of your favorite hobbies?

LT: Super important question. There's a quote floating around out there along the lines of "Entrepreneurs are the only people who will leave a 9-5 to work 80 hours a week." It's more like 24/7 effort in reality, and the only way to maintain that high level of performance over a long period of time is to be able to completely tune out and reset your mind regularly. I play guitar and go to the movies with my wife. Without those two things, I'd probably be dead by now haha”

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Now, last but not least, we will leave you with this awesome Mugsy video.