A Second Christmas for Men

The first Father’s Day occurred in 1910. It was organized by a daughter who wanted to create a holiday which would honor her widowed father, who lovingly cared for her and her five siblings. She did this my asking  her church to simply give tribute to her father and others during the Sunday services.

However, the concept didn’t catch on as quickly as Mother’s Day. Twenty years later when the depression hit, retailers began to exploit the holiday as a way to get people to buy. They promoted goods such as neckties, hats, socks, pipes, golf clubs, sporting goods, and greeting cards. The holiday grew in popularity and in 1972 Nixon finally declared the third Sunday in June a National Holiday!

Today, families still gather around to celebrate all things “Dad” and in case you didn’t know, Father’s Day 2018 is this Sunday June 17th!

What are you buying your Dad for Father’s Day?

Our giftUP leadership team is sharing purchases we made for our loving dads this year.

Dad #1

Takes great pride in his yard work! He spends his weekends perfecting his mowing patterns and uprooting weeds. However, his yard work wardrobe needed some help. This year his straw beach hat from Cancun, will be replaced with the highly rated Tilley Airflo Hat from REI!

IMG_2612 (1).JPG

Dad #2

Has been working for the same company for 30 years.  As the years have passed, the updating of his office décor has gone by the wayside! So, for this Father’s Day he can look forward to a personalized picture from Minted which allows him to show-off his most recent fishing experiences with his son, brother, and nephews.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.43.20 PM.png

Dad #3

Enjoys a day of relaxing in the backyard and observing the wildlife! That becomes more difficult once the sun sets. Enter the Floodlight Cam from Ring that will allow him to watch animals at night through a video on his phone.



So that’s how the Original gift giving masters do it IRL. If you want to be more like us, well you know what to do!