Addicted to the Bite

Recently I went fly fishing and I loved it!


Those are words I never thought I’d say but, if there is one thing I have recently learned, it is “never say never!

This fun experience got me thinking about all the corny fishing gifts I’ve seen in the world, but usually ignore. However, fishing is a huge hobby across America and its related gifts are not something to be ignored! So I went on a giftUP mission, not to find corny fishing gifts, but AMAZING fishing gifts.


Hooked Carpe Diem

Photo courtesy of  Hooked Carpe Diem

Photo courtesy of Hooked Carpe Diem

What makes Hooked Carpe Diem unique is their amazing artwork which is designed by renowned artist Ambrus (Andy) Diossy. According to the owners of Hooked Carpe Diem, “The goal was to create a brand that truly married the passion for fishing, diving, surfing and the ocean with the style, edge, and quality of the art and fashion world.”

giftUP believes they have been successful!

 Karl’s Bait and Tackle Mystery Tackle Box

Photo courtesy of  Karl's Bait and Tackle  

Photo courtesy of Karl's Bait and Tackle 


With a Mystery Tackle Box certificate, the recipient can choose their own fishing preferences and receive perfectly paired lures and tackles along with a variety of other fishing products every month!

It’s the #1 fishing gift! 


Photo courtesy of  BruMate   

Photo courtesy of BruMate  

Sitting in a boat all day requires a cold beer! However, sitting in the sun all day quickly makes a beverage no longer so cold. Enter the Hopsulator, which keeps beverages 20X colder than the standard neoprene koozie!