1. Our proprietary questionnaire is uniquely designed to match the gift recipient with the best gifts for every event.

  2. The giftSQUAD is the team of our expert gift shoppers paired with our specialized technology working together to hand-pick your gift suggestions.

  3. The purchase can be made directly through giftUP or the website link that is always included with each gift suggestion. The choice is yours.


Gathering The Details

Through our gift recipient questionnaire, giftUP collects some basic details about the event,  including the date, type of event (ie. Birthday, Anniversary, Other) and your budget. We then ask a few questions about the gift recipient's style, interests, and personality. The questionnaire is uniquely designed to provide our giftSQUAD with the information needed to provide the best gift suggestions possible. Overall, the questionnaire takes ~5 minutes to complete.

Choosing The Suggestions

Through our giftSQUAD, we utilize the power of technology to match the data you provide on the gift recipient against our database of hundreds of businesses and products across the USA. However, we also realize every gift needs a personal touch.  For this reason, we assign an expert gift shopper to each account to hand-pick the gift suggestions provided. This ensures that we always provide the newest and greatest gift suggestions.

Unlike other gift suggestion sites we do not carry inventory and are not limited to providing suggestions from only a few sites,  We scour the internet, high and low, for the the best gifts and websites to provide you with ten great options every time. 

Don’t forget to leave feedback about your suggestions. This information will allow the giftSQUAD to continuously tailor suggestions to gifts your recipient is sure to love.

Seamless Purchasing

Since our goal is simply to make sure you give the best gift possible, we don't care if you purchase the gift directly from the retailer or from giftUP.  For this reason, we will always provide you with a link to the website where the gift can be purchased. 

However, if you choose to purchase through us, we act as your personal concierge and will facilitate the purchase and shipping of the selected gift. We charge a small service fee for this, which includes all shipping and handling cost.

Annual Subscriptions

For each registered single event, you are signing up for an annual subscription. We will notify you of the event and provide a list of gift suggestions at least three weeks prior to the event date, every year, as long as your credit card is still valid.

To learn more about pricing please check out our F.A.Q page