Partnership Agreement

Partnership Proposal and Pricing

A) 5% of sale price for all orders completed on Partner site generated from referral/lead of

B) Coupon code to be used by giftUP when facilitating purchase of Partner item when suggestion is selected by giftUP’s customers and by customer when purchasing directly from Partner site. If elected two separate codes may be used as followed:

  1. Free shipping coupon code to be used exclusively by giftUP in facilitating purchase

  2. Coupon code of Partner’s discretion to be used by giftUP customer when purchasing directly from Partner site. Coupon code will be provided to customer by giftUP along with suggestion.

Responsibilities of Partner (Payment and Tracking)

Tracking is the responsibility of Partner to ensure all referral traffic is reimbursed as identified in the above pricing outlines.  Acceptable tracking includes coupon code use and/or referral link traffic for all site visits resulting from website click on  Visit and order completion information will be provided by Partner to giftUP on a quarterly basis, with payment being made to Gift Up, LLC within 30 days of each quarterly report.

What we do for you:

  1. Provide suggestions from your site based on matching profiles - either within our 10 regular suggestions or through our sponsored list (list added as “extra suggestions” to our guaranteed 10) - Will add to sponsored list if profile matches the gift, but price range does not.
  2. Allow purchases through our site - we then purchase from partner site using a giftUP account - will use free shipping coupon code
  3. Promote your site on our partners page of the website.
  4.  May get a featured blog
  5. May get promoted on our social media